A Tiger Don’t Lose No Sleep


★ Hair ★ Truth – Scout *Here*

★ Head ★ Catwa – Tala  *Here*

★ Skin★ Deetalez – Ashera *Here*

★ Body ★ Maitreya – Lara *Here*

★ Hands & Feet★ Maitreya – Lara *Here*

★ Dress★ [Cynful] Subdub Dress *Here* @ C88 Birthday Round *Thank You*

★ Necklace★ [Cynful] Coax Necklace – Groupgift March 2017 *Here*

★ Collar★ *Dirty Princess* Devotion Princess *Here*

★ Heels★ Glamistry – HYACINTH Heels [PF1004] *Here* Thank you *

★ Poses and Backdrop★ Foxcity – Effortless & Show Off *Here*


Marketplace ★ Main Store ★ Flickr ★ Facebook


Marketplace ★ Main Store ★ Flickr ★ Facebook

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