IP Nails and Zombie Suicide @ Premium Only

IP Nails and Zombie Suicide 2.png

This is another amazing entry of IP Nails’, some more winter nails to keep our hands fabulous during those cold months!

As I stated before they are a sponsor for this round of Premium Only Winter Event.


They come in 6 different Christmas textures as seen in the HUD picture above, I am wearing the 3rd texture in, on Maitreya Nails.



Next up we have this cute candy cane from Zombie Suicide! It comes with a forked tongue option and an option with no tongue, in the picture above I am wearing the no tongue version, I just used the Catwa sticking out tongue animation which worked nicely.


As you can see from the HUD picture above you get 8 different candy cane colours, I am wearing the pink one which is the fourth one on the top row. I think this product is cheeky and super cute and perfect for those holiday pictures or Christmas card pictures!

Other Credits

Head: Catwa – Tumble

Hair: Truth – Irenka ( VIP GIFT )

Body: Maitreya-Lara

Hands: Slink – Relaxed

Choker: Reign (FLF)

Premium Only Event Details

Premium Only Promo - Winter 2016.png


IP Nails Details

Main Store

Market Place



Zombie Suicide Details

Main Store

Market Place





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