Minimalist By CarolG

Petite Mort- Filthy Drkwash BF jeans (bagged)_004.png

This gorgeous back tattoo comes in 5 different styles and in 3 different colours Black, White & Red, it applies to most Mesh bodies, so is a great piece of artwork to add to your body!! I am wearing #3 and love it! I am not taking it off! *shakes head* nope! I am wearing the Maitreya body and it applied smoothly with no funkiness!


Petite Mort- Filthy Drkwash BF jeans (bagged)_007.png

This is the very minimal HUD that is easy to use!!

If you are interested in anything else I am wearing above (which isn’t much😛 ) or the items themselves please find all the relevant links below!!

Happy Shopping!

Other Credits

Head: Catwa – Cami

Hair: Besom – Glamour Kitty

Body: Maitreya-Lara

Hands: Slink – Relaxed

Choker: Reign (FLF)

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